August 2021

Dear Rabbits,

You were probably wondering: “Where is Godot? Where is The Colour Fools’ newsletter?” Well in fact, we were away attending the Vienna Film Festival, where we hoped to see the screening of our Rabbit Video. Unfortunately, it was not selected by the jury this time, so we simply enjoyed a few days in town. Nico discovered his love for Austrian street sausages and Pablo fulfilled his teenage dream of visiting the Secession gallery. Unless we manage to find better inspirations, these will probably become themes for the new colourfool songs!

As most venues in Barcelona still have restrictions, not much has been happening recently on the music scene here. That said, we didn’t want to leave you with nothing this month and therefore released a new summer-vibes song “Out of Mind”. Check it out at the maximum volume you can, and don’t forget to pour yourself a fresh summer cocktail while listening!

That’s it for now. Let the Flying Spaghetti Monster protect your soul and for those who are in mother Russia, please do not forget to vote in the upcoming "elections". At The Colour Fools, we usually do not take political positions, but you could probably guess that we would vote for the carrots apples :)

Always yours,
The Colour Fools

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