March 2022

Dear Rabbits,

One month has passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives, their relatives and friends, their health and their homes. Millions have become refugees inside and outside their country. The…

January 2022

Dear Rabbits,

The Colour Fools had a productive start of the year and we have a lot of tasty carrots news for you! 

First of all, we have just launched our first album! You can listen to it here

December 2021

Dear Rabbits,  

As this rabbit race year draws to an end, we would like to share with you some highlights of 2021. 

This year marked the turning point for The Colour Fools with our first music releases, first live shows…

November 2021

Dear Rabbits,

November was the hottest month in Barcelona this year with the second edition of the Colour Foolstival at Bridge_48! As usual, we performed alongside some special guests including Guilllermo Romero Rodriguez with his great opening DJ set, …

October 2021

Dear Rabbits, 

Thank you so much to everybody who came to the first edition of the Colour Foolstival! With 150+ people it was a great party and we truly enjoyed sharing these moments together! Special thanks to all the friends…

September 2021

Dear Rabbits, 

After the summer break The Colour Fools are back to school back on stage. This Saturday 2 October we will be playing at the Colour Foolsfest in De Ver-Di. This will be our first gig in a…

August 2021

Dear Rabbits,

You were probably wondering: “Where is Godot? Where is The Colour Fools’ newsletter?” Well in fact, we were away attending the Vienna Film Festival, where we hoped to see the screening of our Rabbit Video. Unfortunately…

July 2021

Dear Rabbits, 

Welcome to the race!

This is the first issue of the monthly newsletter of The Colour Fools, a new international spiritual movement music band from Barcelona. You're probably wondering why the hell did I sign up for yet…