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The Colour Foolstival 2.0

Amazing crowd with awesome vibes and energy at the second edition of the Colour Foolstival at Bridge_48 in Barcelona! The Colour Fools performed alongside some special guests including Guilllermo Romero Rodriguez with his great opening DJ set, Sefo with his conscious freestyle rap, Pali Márquez with his smooth guitar, Aleks with her gentle keyboard melodies and Arnau Cuervo with a groovy closing DJ set. Thanks everybody for coming, it was legendary!

The Colour Foolstival 1.0

The first edition of The Colour Foolstival took place on October 2 at De Ver-Di and gathered more than 150 people! The Colour Fools performed with several guest musicians including Clara Dell Oro who gave an amazing performance of Prince's "Kiss" and Cesar Munera who impressed everybody with beautiful acoustic guitar melodies. Check out the video from the first Colour Foolstival made by our dear Franco Niella

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