The Colour Fools (TCF) are an international band based in Barcelona and made up of musicians from different countries and cultures. TCF style is a colourful palette of rhythms and sounds crossed by a funky groove and an indie-rock vibe. TCF concerts are always full of positive energy and the crowd never stops dancing and singing along as TCF perform in different languages making everybody feel part of the show.

latest releases

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current lineup

Igor Shishlove - Guitar & Vocals

Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Igor lived for many years in Paris, where he learnt to savour mouldy cheeses and absurd existential conversations. In The Colour Fools, Igor is responsible for screaming "Oh my fuck!” at the right moment of the show and for making weird squeaky noises with his Fender Jaguar. When not shooting with his bullet strings into the ears of the poor audience, Igor tries in vain to save the planet from global warming.

Pablo Garcia - Bass

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pablo has been to many places and walked too many roads eventually settling down in Barcelona. In The Colour Fools, he is responsible for the steady groove that makes people move their hips without even realising it. When not slapping the E sting of his Jazz Bass, Pablo enjoys contemplating the ultimate questions of life, universe and everything and teaching the art of design to young rabbits.


Originally from Toscana, Italy, Nico made his way to Barcelona via Liverpool, where he learned to play the drum intro of "Come Together". Nico came to his first rehearsal with hangover and a broken toe, a heroic effort that immediately made him an integral part of The Colour Fools. Since then he became a machine capable of slowing and accelerating time. In his free time Nico likes to paint colourfool images and contemplate the secret life of trees.

Eddie Piras - Keyboard & Synth

Originally from Sardinia, Italy, Eddie is a renowned anti-capitalist, animal activist and a devoted musician and composer. In The Colour Fools, Eddie is creating sonic textures and riffs that pull the rest of the band together. When not grooving with The Colour Fools, Eddie can be spotted teaching music to young rabbits and cooking delicious vegan food.

TCF story

The colourfool story began in the year -1 BC (before Christ before Covid) when the Russian tree-hugger Igor and the Argentinian travelling shaman Pablo accidentally met in Barcelona. Both have been to many places and walked too many roads, collecting a baggage of colourfool experiences on the way. They began chatting about the ultimate questions of life, universe and everything concluding that the only way to save humanity from the looming decadence was to create a new religion music band that would elevate people’s consciousness and spread love across time and space. With these fairly realistic goals in mind, they got down to work creating the first colourfool love song called “Coitus”. Soon after, they realised that like any decent team of heroes there should be four of them. The quest for the drummer was long and thorny as even the most skilled drummers in Barcelona could not feel the colourfool groove. Enter the young Italian pasta chef Nico, who just moved to Barcelona from Liverpool, where he absorbed those elusive Beatles vibes while taking selfies on Abbey Road. Perhaps he did not have the best chops in town, but he could make the sound of one hand clapping and thus immediately became colourfool. The three were rehearsing and writing new colourfool stories, but even though it started to remotely sound like something people usually call “music”, they all felt that something was missing, a secret sauce that would pull it all together. The universe seemed to agree and sent them Aleksandra, a Polish pianist and direct descendent of Richard Wagner. Few months later she had to leave on a long overseas journey giving birth to the song “Alex, are you still on the boat?”. As much as the three remaining colour fools missed Aleksandra, they could not advance without the secret sauce, which suddenly showed up in the face of Eddie, a dedicated Sardinian anti-capitalist and virtuoso pianist. They were complete now. Like the four elements of the universe, each brining in something special, and together forming a new previously unknown and illegal substance. To be continued...