The Colour Fools in De Ver-Di (150+ people)

The Colour Fools (TCF) are an international band based in Barcelona and made up of musicians from different countries and cultures. TCF style is a colourful palette of rhythms and sounds crossed by a funky groove and an indie-rock vibe. TCF concerts are always full of positive energy with the crowds dancing and singing along as TCF perform in different languages. The variety of styles and versatility of the band allow TCF to adapt their format depending on the type of show or venue, making it possible to play at any event, concert or festival. TCF have already played more than twenty concerts in Barcelona for audiences of up to 300 people. 


Igor Shishlove

Guitar & vocals

Originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, Igor lived for many years in Paris, where he learnt to savour mouldy cheeses and absurd existential conversations. In The Colour Fools, Igor is responsible for screaming "Oh my Fuck!” at the right moment of the show and for making weird squeaky noises with his Fender Mustang. When not shooting with his bullet strings into the ears of the poor audience, Igor tries in vain to save the planet from global warming.

Pablo Garcia


Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pablo has been to many places and walked too many roads eventually settling down in Barcelona. In The Colour Fools, he is responsible for the steady groove that makes people move their hips without even realising it. When not slapping the stings of his Jazz Bass, Pablo enjoys contemplating the ultimate questions of life, universe and everything and teaching the art of design to young rabbits.

Nicholas sardo


Originally from Toscana, Italy, Nico made his way to Barcelona via Liverpool, where he learned to play the drum intro of "Come Together". Nico came to his first rehearsal with hangover and a broken toe, a heroic effort that immediately made him an integral part of The Colour Fools. Since then he became a machine capable of slowing and accelerating time. In his free time Nico likes to paint colourfool images and contemplate the secret life of trees.



Born and raised in Barcelona, Isa adds a local flavour to the band. She has been rocking and rolling since she was a little kid and although she hasn't gone beyond the A (chord) on her guitar, she has spiced up many summer camps and hangouts with friends. Her captivating voice, contagious laughter and dance moves always hypnotise the audience. When not on stage, you can catch Isa digging through the shelves of any second-hand bookstore, pretending to be an elite athlete at the gym, or doing what she loves most: chatting away with anyone who's willing to lend an ear.



Originally from Santiago, Chile, Matias has lived in Barcelona since 2004. Pianist, composer and arranger, he can play any style from jazz and classical music to reggae, funk, rock, pop. Latin American folklore and cumbia. He has performed with many different groups in Spain, Austria, France, England, the United States, Germany, Italy, Malta, Chile, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Costa Rica and Argentina making him a perfect "secret sauce" for The Colour Fools.

Narciso Valenzuela


Catalan with a southern Spain accent, Narciso is a versatile trumpet player with experience in almost all styles of music who recored with such artists as Rosalía and Sharif. Besides playing trumpet, Narciso is also a singer, rapper, comedian and a well-known mycologist. He has one dream fulfilled and another one pending. The fulfilled one is his four self-published albums. The remaining one is to be the first Spanish trumpeter to record himself playing Paganini's Moto Perpetuo. He will surely achieve it soon.

Adriano Torregiani


Adriano is a seasoned Argentinian saxophonist based in Barcelona, oriented to urban styles such as jazz, blues and funk, with more than 10 years of professional experience within the music sector and more than 20 years dedicated to his training as a musician. During his years as a saxophonist, he had the pleasure of collaborating with great musicians from all continents, participating in international festivals and events in venues in Europe and Latin America.