March 2022

Dear Rabbits,

One month has passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Thousands of innocent people lost their lives, their relatives and friends, their health and their homes. Millions have become refugees inside and outside their country. The scale and depth of human suffering caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine is impossible to grasp. 

Without opening a debate about individual and collective responsibility for this nightmare, today we simply urge everyone to do their little bit to help. Please donate to the Red Cross, MSF or any other organisation of your choice that provides relief to Ukraine and supports refugees. While donating money to NGOs may seem very impersonal, this is the most effective way of supporting people in need at the moment. Check the tax rules in your country and consider if you can donate a little bit more, given that usually you get some part of the donated money back as a tax break. If you don’t want to donate money, consider donating your time as a volunteer or your clothes that you don’t need to a local NGO that helps refugees. Go to anti-war protests in your town and talk to Ukrainians to better understand what is happening with their families and give them your support. Also talk to Russians to better understand first hand the scale of repression and propaganda that is plaguing the country. 

These are all quite obvious things to do, but after the initial shock the civic mobilisation may decline, as people tend to get weary of constant bad news and may feel helpless. Please don’t fall into this trap and continue supporting Ukraine according to your own capabilities. In our band, in addition to individual actions by each of the members, we decided to donate all profits from our upcoming concerts to the Red Cross. 

No to war! 

The Colour Fools

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