July 2021

Dear Rabbits, 

Welcome to the race!

This is the first issue of the monthly newsletter of The Colour Fools, a new international spiritual movement music band from Barcelona. You're probably wondering why the hell did I sign up for yet another newsletter that I'm not gonna read. Fair enough, we've been there too. We understand that asking for a few minutes of your time in this fast-paced world driven by efficiency and productivity cults may be too much. Oh wait! This is exactly the topic of our new music video Rabbit, Run that was just released on YouTube! We were hoping the video would go viral in the first hour after release, but surprisingly that did not happen. We therefore have to beg you in the name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to watch the video and share it with your friends. 

On a different note, our catalogue of colourfool songs is growing on Spotify as we have just released "Rock'n'Rola", a parody on a typical sexist rock'n'roll anthem. If you ever decide to listen to it, please do us a favour and do it with a pair of headphones instead of your mobile phone speaker. You may not like our music, but you will probably appreciate the quality of production and mastering by Franco Niella and Guido Bernasconi. And if you happen to like our songs, then please click that magic "follow" button on our artist page.

Barcelona still has some nightlife restrictions in place, so the concert opportunities are rather limited. However, thanks to the support from Manuel Jauregui and Oriol Salami we managed to get our first two gigs and despite our sloppy playing we had a blast! We were stupid enough not to record them properly but thanks to Dario Fernandez we have some nice pictures that you can check here

That's all folks! Thanks for reading until the end. Stay safe and let the Flying Spaghetti Monster protect you!

Always yours,
The Colour Fools

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