September 2021

Dear Rabbits, 

After the summer break The Colour Fools are back to school back on stage. This Saturday 2 October we will be playing at the Colour Foolsfest in De Ver-Di. This will be our first gig in a full band format with a brass section and there will also be some surprise guest appearances. Good vibes, cool people and lots of fun guaranteed! 

Of course, as per our tradition we release a new song at the end of every month and this time it is "Nomad Blues". Yes, we also think that it should be in the soundtrack of the next Tarantino's movie. Unfortunately we haven't been able to reach him so far. If anyone has his mobile phone number, please let us know. 

Last thing, we're working on physical disk for the full album, which will be released soon. Obviously it is not going to have a shape of the disk. You can probably guess the shape by now :)  

Always yours, 
The Colour Fools

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